Sensors IoT Virtual World Week 2020 brochure image
Virtual Sensor Show July 2020 Post Show Report
  1. Connections that count – qualified, senior-level attendees with a keen interest in, knowledge of and expertise in the sensor market
  2. Global Reach – broadcast for UK, EMEA and North American time-zones
  3. One-to-One – Schedule private 1-to-1 meetings with qualified attendees with any of your marketing or sales team, accept meeting requests
  4. Diverse formats – Lead a round table, present a tracked session or take part in a Q+A
  5. One-to-Few – Host video group discussions and meetings at your stand or round table
  6. One-to-Many – Reach a global audience and build your brand awareness
  7. Curate your audience – from mass audience positioning to highly focused and selective group meetings
  8. Lead Generation – generate leads for your team from every download or view on Virtual booth whether links to content, video materials or other downloadable assets
  9. Unrivalled exposure – with over 1000+ visitors over the week
  10. Blending the virtual with the physical – Sponsor an evening dinner or drinks, Delivered to your

We are always open to sponsorship enquiries from organisations that share our values and have something interesting to say. So if you are looking to position yourself as thought leaders and meet with industry decision-makers, contact Luke Teachen directly via the below details or download the brochure:

For any questions, contact our friendly team