Stephan Köhler has an engineering background in industrial engineering from the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg.

In his current role at Brasseler. he drives the strategy and transformation of the company. As a Medtech company Brasseler., is a typical hidden champion of the famous “German Mittelstand” with a leading international position in design and production of instruments for dentists and surgeons.

Digitisation of the production value streams is at the core of Brasseler.’s strategy. The aim is to manage the high requirements of the new Medical Device Regulation and to improve the competitive positioning as a company with production in a high cost labour country like Germany.

Over the last couple of years Brasseler. implemented vital elements of industry 4.0 infrastructure and has successfully implemented use cases e.g. in the field of machine learning.

Stephan also has extensive experience as a management and strategy consultant, and is convinced that digitisation is core to maintain and improve competitiveness for mid-size companies of the German Mittelstand. He is also Advisory Board Member at Microsoft Germany, guiding manufacturing corporations to re-think their industrial, digital transformation cases nominated for Microsoft conferences “Industry Days” and the “Industry Manufacturing Award”.