Blockchain provider Finboot is partnering with Spanish AgriTech management platform Fidesterra to help make agriculture more sustainable with the aid of sensors and other technologies.

Fidesterra combines remote sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) devices with data analytics, satellite imagery, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) to provide farmers with data that monitors the status of crops.

The company works with agri-food co-operatives and big agricultural corporations that are primarily based in Spain, Colombia, Mexico, and Brazil.

Finboot’s blockchain middleware MARCO is being incorporated into the platform to securely record data gathered from in-the-ground sensors and other sources, such as temperature, soil conditions, irrigation, and the use of fertilisers.

In this way, every step in the food chain can be recorded with full traceability and transparency, according to the announcement.

As with smart and vertical farming techniques, the mix of technologies also enables farmers to monitor growing conditions over time and thereby improve the yield of crops and reduce losses.

With data of this kind, companies could predict shortages or over-production more accurately and thus address global sustainability challenges and minimise food waste.

Jesús Pavón, CTO and co-founder of Fidesterra, said: “This collaboration… is an exciting step for us and significantly differentiates us in the AgriTech market.”