Israel-based ERM Advanced Telematics has announced that it is expanding operations from its current focus on tracking vehicles, drivers, and passengers, into the wider Internet of Things (IoT) market.

The global telematics specialist, whose products are installed on over five million vehicles, unveiled its IoTLink portfolio this week. The devices can be deployed in any application where users need long-distance monitoring of multiple assets, such as the supply chain, logistics, manufacturing, or agriculture, said the company.

The new range consists of sensors and gateways that enable continuous location, tracking, and monitoring of a variety of different assets, including items that are being transported in crates or containers. They emit constant status signals and alert supervisors of any breach of user-defined parameters.

The portfolio features the new e2Sens sensor, which enables real time or periodic reporting of humidity, temperature, light, motion, angles, shock, falling, or the opening or closing of doors.

The complementary e2Gate acts either independently or as a gateway to the e2Sens, combining a mobile tracking unit with a sophisticated multi-sensor, and is equipped with a cellular modem, GPS, and an internal battery.

IoTLink products communicate with each other using the Bluetooth low energy (BLE) protocol. The range can be integrated with the company’s main telematics product line via its StarLink technology, and also offers the ability to use mobile phones and tablets as gateways, said the company.

Source: Press release.