Virtual Event
Sensors & IoT: Smart Cities, Infrastructure & Mobility

North America – 16th of September 2021. Join your colleagues and peers to keep up to date with the latest trends and advancements in future smart cities, buildings, mobility and energy.

Exploring real-life implementation and future transformation for smart city – mobility – buildings and energy through sensors, IoT, connected solutions and data

The annual virtual Sensor and IoT summit for senior innovation, technology leads and subject-matter experts within Sensors and IoT – with expertise and focus within smart city, mobility, buildings, infrastructure and energy sectors, brought to you by Transform Industry.


Driven by expert content, valuable peer to peer interactions and the best sensor technology, this event is all about real-life sensors, IoT and future technology applications, strategy and case studies. Discussions will offer a visionary view of today, and also the future.


Transform Industry have an unrivalled track record of providing unique insight and content for the Sensor and IoT space – informing, connecting and engaging with information, solutions and technologies that are at the heart of the Sensor and IoT industry, informing conversations and shaping the future.


300+ senior delegates  |  20+ speakers   |  10+ solution and technology providers

Core Technologies

Digital Twin

5G / Connectivity

Sensor Technologies

Smart transport

Advanced Data Analytics

Mobility solutions

Radar / Lidar


Wireless Sensors

Security and Cyber Security


Connected vehicles

Discussion Leaders

Who will be there?

CIO, COO, CTO, VPs, Heads, Directors, Project Lead, Senior Managers, Managers of:

    • Strategy Planner / Senior Planners
    • Urban Planner
    • Environmental Planning Officers
    • Sustainable Development and Planning
    • Smart City Lead
    • Policy Makers local Government / Municipalities
    • Smart Technology / Director of Technology
    • Transport Strategy
    • Digital Infrastructure
    • Design Strategy
    • Data and Innovation
    • Infrastructure and Network Managers
    • Emerging and New Technologies
    • Digital Transformation
    • Mobility and Transportation
    • City Managers / Programme Manager
    • IoT
    • AI and Machine Learning

  • Smart Cities
  • Infrastructure Projects
  • Buildings – Real Estate
  • Utilities and Energy Companies
  • Local Government / Councils
  • Automotive / Mobility
  • Transportation / Logistics
  • Construction

Attended by world renowned enterprises


The Smart City investment is slated to peak $158 Billion by 2022. The fastest growth in all aspects is expected in the Americas, with the most spending seen on the public transport sector, along with fixed visual surveillance.


In terms of smart construction and manufacturing, revenue for commercial and institutional systems worldwide will reach $14.92 million. In North America alone, the IoT enabled smart buildings market for 2021 is $44.81 billion. For smart lighting in the global residential buildings segment, it is expected to reach $2.88 billion.


The smart transportation sectors sees the global automotive sensors market to spend $43 billion by 2021. The estimated connected car shipments is slated to be 83.25 million units by 2021. On top of that, the number of installed connected things that shall be seen in the global public service sector is 167.4 million units.


Water scarcity is seen as a risk multiplier for this year. Thus, it is expected that by 2024, 45% of cities and communities will IoT-Enabled Water Management for Usage and Quality Monitoring and Leak Detection


Source: Trends Transforming And Shaping Smart Cities In 2021 | Linchpin