Shrankhala Jain currently serves as a Data Scientist at Ford Motor Company, Michigan. Her area of expertise is in artificial intelligence, big data technology and application of machine learning-based solutions to real-world problems. 

Before joining Ford, she was with Trillium Secure Inc. where she led various projects delivering the end-to-end cybersecurity and trusted data services for automotive. Before moving to industry space she was appointed as an Assistant Professor in Electrical Engineering department at Prestige Institute of Engineering, Management and Research, India. During her tenure she taught multiple core electrical subjects and worked on different projects to investigate the efficiency of wireless electricity transmission, Solar Power Generation module and hybrid renewable power generation module.

Shrankhala is also a member of Michigan Artificial Intelligence Advisory board committee at Center for Automotive Research (CAR)- where she shares her knowledge and passion for AI, machine learning. She holds a master’s degree in Data Science and Business Analytics from the Wayne State University in Detroit. Her graduate work is specialized in predictive analytics and machine learning. She also holds bachelor’s and master’s degree in Electrical Engineering.

Shrankhala is a frequent speaker at various conferences around the Data Science space. 

In her spare time she likes to watch the Ted Talks videos and loves to practices her dance skills.