Rajeev Kalamdani is a Data Science/Analytics Manager with experience in deploying AI/ML products in a global enterprise. He has expertise in all aspects of manufacturing (engineering, launch, production, maintenance & quality), specific expertise in 6Sigma & Lean Manufacturing and Big Data/IIoT Analytics within the Manufacturing domain.

Rajeev directs a global team (Dearborn, Cologne and Chennai) of Data Scientists to deliver analytics solutions supporting Manufacturing Operations and Engineering:

  • Predictive Maintenance: AI/ML models to transition to condition based maintenance using machine signal and sensor data with the objective of improving equipment up-time
  • Quality Monitoring & Improvement: Mine process and end of line inspection data to provide near real-time feedback to improve quality; Correlate machine signal data with sampled quality characteristics to migrate to 100% inspection using AI/ML models
  • Optimization Based Decision Support: Batch production schedule optimization driven by demand and subject to manufacturing constraints to minimize cost and inventory; Optimize sourcing decisions based on capacity and logistics constraints to minimize cost; Allocation of operators to assembly lines and features to machining lines to maximize utilization and minimize cost
  • Product Usage Feedback (Connected Vehicle Data) Utilization: Improve quality and reduce warranty through enhancing in-plant inspection strategies; Improve vehicle location efficiency based on GPS data
  • Labor Management Support: Minimize the time to shift startup by tracking present employees and identifying the most suitable replacements from available unassigned employees
  • Collaborating with the OT (Operational Technology) and IT (Information Technology) teams to plan and execute strategies for large scale (80+ plants, 0.5 M assets) data acquisition and ingestion into the data lake for development of analytics apps.
  • Leveraging the following analytics technology components to deliver solutions: Qlikview, Tableau, Alteryx, Python, Spark, Hadoop, Hive, SQL, Kafka, MQTT, Springboot, Angular, Pivotal Cloud Foundry and Data Robot