Dr. Patricia Parlevliet, Senior Research Project Leader at Airbus Blue Sky, a small but effective Airbus research group with the aim to shape the future of aerospace. This is achieved through collaborative research activities with renowned scientists around the world.

Key personal information:

  • MSc in Materials Science and Engineering – TU Delft (NL), with a specialisation in fibre reinforced polymer composites.
  • PhD at Aerospace Engineering – TU Delft.
  • More than 10 years’ experience in R&D projects on aerospace polymer composites at Airbus Helicopters and Airbus Central R&T.
  • Since 2018 – one of the ambassadors for Airbus Blue Sky. Current projects deal with topics ranging from computational neuroscience to synthetic biology.
  • Author or co-author of >50 scientific publications and inventor or co-inventor of >10 patents.
  • Mentor for female colleagues, engineering students and PhDs.