Johanna is the Managing Director for Saab TransponderTech, a company which are pioneers in Automatic Identification System technologies, with more than 20,000 AIS vessel transponder systems delivered; thousands of AIS base stations installed in more than 50 countries; unique Secure AIS (encrypted) solutions; and is a major supplier of Airborne AIS transponders. Furthermore, they have an installed base of national AIS network systems with customers all over the world, including advanced multi-sensor solutions for sea traffic monitoring and control and coastal surveillance.

Johanna has been with Saab for more than 20 years with a number of different position primarily in Marketing & Sales, Business Development, Programme Management and R&D. She is currently based in Sweden, but has previously worked and lived both in France and in the UK. Johanna holds a Master of Science degree in theoretical physics and she is devoted to the benefits of diversity in the workplace. Inclusion is significant for her leadership.