János Golumba studied Mechanical Engineering at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and completed his diploma thesis in 2007. He has worked for several Engineering Services Companies before joining Ford Motor Company (i.e. Ford Werke GmbH) in 2015. János has broad knowledge from his time in the Body Engineering Department, in Body Meshing and Joining techniques in BiW Structure for CAE purposes. Also, János was an active member of the cross-OEM based xMCF 3.0 Connection definition Working Group.

He had the privilege to work in R&D at FFA and understand and actively support the research and development steps of Residual Spot-welding and Laser welding focused on CAE Applications. During the time at FFA János met his future Supervisor, who invited János to join his Team in Merkenich based Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO) Team, where he is still active. Within this group, he has learned several optimization tools and techniques, and this is the place where János came across Machine Learning. His team deals with several Gauge and Grade Optimization challenges and are currently experiencing higher demand in Morphing and Topology Optimization assignments. Their knowledge allows them to support cross development activities and help departments with optimization tasks.