Ph. D., M. Sc., P. ENG, PMP

Dr. Hassan is currently working as a Leader of the IRI Innovation, Innovation Projects – Nuclear – Ontario Power Generation (OPG). The Innovation group participates in different nuclear reactor inspection, monitoring and maintenance projects such as, Machine Vision IFMED, AI Expert Systems IERS, Drone Inspection, Intelligent FME Detection, Single Fuel Channel Replacement (SFCR), C/T replacement, BR projects, etc.  Dr. Hassan was assigned to help the group to introduce new Smart Technologies which eventually result in better performance, reduced time, dose, and cost leading to operational excellence.

Dr. Hassan received his Ph.D. in 1990 in Industrial Automation. He was elected to work as an assistant professor of industrial automation and robotics.  Dr. Hassan worked as a head of the Robot Research Lab and he has several published researches.  

Dr. Hassan selected to switch from the academic career to the field of consultancy. He worked in several positions as an Engineering Consultant, until 2006, when he chose to join the nuclear industry, where his industrial and academic experience may be helpful.

Over his academic and industrial career, he has been active in various capacities with several professional organizations, including the Academy of Scientific Research, IEEE, The Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineers, The National Research Center, The Project Management Institute, and the Professional Engineers of Ontario. 

Dr. Hassan had his M. Sc. Degree in Material Science (Composite Material) in 1986 and he graduated from ASU, as a mechanical engineer in 1981.