Juhi Ajmera, Senior Engineer- Data Science and IoT at Eaton presented on “Transformation of Manufacturing Industry by Advanced Data analytics and IoT” on Wednesday, 9th December 2020 – the second day of the Industrial, Manufacturing & IoT – Virtual Sensor World Week.

Juhi has over 5 years of industry experience as an IoT expert and currently works for Centre for Intelligent Power in Pune, India. (www.eaton.com) She is currently working as a solution architect for various use cases such as OEE and Predictive Maintenance for factories aligned with Industry 4.0. Apart from manufacturing, she has experience working on other domains like retail, healthcare. She has published a number of papers and patents.

Juhi’s current interests include Edge computing, Machine Learning, Data Science, and Robotics. She is currently working on using data science techniques aimed at improving energy consumption and improving OEE for factories and buildings.