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19th October 2020

Sensors at centre of new manufacturing sustainability drive

Chris Middleton hears how the government is calling for investor partners to help make manufacturing more sustainable. Sensors are at the core of a new UK government investment drive to back greater sustainability in foundation industries.
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14th October 2020

Edge deployments surging in UK and worldwide, says ...

Forty-four percent of UK IT leaders say they are using edge technologies, with a further 21 percent planning to do so in the next year – a combined total of nearly two-thirds of organisations.
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13th October 2020

5G will create ‘$8 trillion global GDP increase’, claims ...

The predicted boom will come from physical industries and the IoT, reports Chris Middleton. But is the report all that it appears to be?
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28th September 2020

A.I. sensor-drones to help battle COVID-19, claims ...

Swarms of unmanned, AI-controlled autonomous drones packed with sensors will help battle the corona-virus and respond to other crises, according to an innovator working in the sector.
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25th September 2020

Sensors plus AI equal an exciting future for ...

Sensors and artificial intelligence will be critical to the next generation of drones, according to a leading academic.
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22nd July 2020

Leading the way in printed and organic electronics

InnovationLab is a world-leading specialist in printed and organic electronics and covers the whole range from research through development to industrial production of individual functional print products.