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25th June 2019

Catbot: Robotics’ new strong arm?

Small collaborative robots – ‘cobots’ – are part of the ongoing trend towards human-robot interaction in industries such as manufacturing.
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14th June 2019

Why Network Rail sees a future in drones

Most commuters are familiar with Network Rail, but many would be surprised to hear that the UK’s rail infrastructure owner has an Air Operations department, which is in the vanguard of using drones and airborne sensors for critical maintenance ...
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12th June 2019

Sensors could cut food waste, say Imperial researchers

Low-cost, printable, smartphone-linked sensors could be a better indicator than labels of when food has passed its use-by date, say UK researchers. But there is a flaw in their thinking. Chris Middleton reports.
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30th May 2019

New UK funding for radar tech

The UK government has announced £200,000 of new funding for innovative, ‘blue sky’ ideas in radar and sensors at the Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA).
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17th May 2019

About face: San Francisco bans facial recognition

Chris Middleton reports on how sensors are at bay in the heart of Silicon Valley as one city takes a stand against facial recognition systems.
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26th April 2019

Bars on the network: Sensors track illegal prison ...

Chris Middleton reports on how the UK prison service is using sensors to track the illegal use of phones. Justice Secretary David Gauke has announced the installation of new mobile phone detection technology in UK prisons.