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19th July 2019

Smart clothing: Researchers develop wireless garments

NEWSBYTE A research team from the National University of Singapore (NUS) has developed a ‘wireless body sensor network’: a way for multiple wearable devices to interconnect via conductive textiles that have been woven into clothing.
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17th July 2019

Robotics: the extreme opportunity

Extreme environments are a problem in many industries. Environments that are lethal or hazardous to human beings, or which present tough operating challenges, typify many sectors, such as space, offshore oil and gas, underwater engineering, deep mining, nuclear energy, and ...
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5th July 2019

ERM branches out into IoT sensors

Israel-based ERM Advanced Telematics has announced that it is expanding operations from its current focus on tracking vehicles, drivers, and passengers, into the wider Internet of Things (IoT) market.
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4th July 2019

Robotics Week: a success for UK

UK Robotics Week hit Kensington in central London last week for a showcase event, bringing together a range of cutting-edge technologies with a day of presentations from some of the UK’s leading academic researchers.
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4th July 2019

The UK senses a smart farming revolution

Sensors, robotics, analytics, and a range of other Industry 4.0 technologies are set to help UK farmers reduce pollution, minimise waste, and produce more food – thanks to £22.4 million of government investment in 31 new projects.
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25th June 2019

How sensors are transforming African agriculture

Sensors, data analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are helping to transform numerous industries, including agriculture, manufacturing, and the supply chain in all parts of the world, including sub-Saharan Africa.