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26th January 2021

FAA approves US autonomous drone usage

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has moved the US’ widespread commercial exploitation of drones another step closer. It has authorised American Robotics to deploy automated drones onsite without human operators present.
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21st January 2021

New Japan-UK research project puts robotics at core ...

Robotics, automation, and digital twins are at the centre of a new research and development partnership between the UK and Japan. The aim is to aid the complex and hazardous process of decommissioning old or dangerous nuclear facilities.
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15th December 2020

2020: a year to forget, with key lessons for ...

Chris Middleton, reporting for Transform Industry, provides insights into the impact of a long-term economic fallout created by the global COVID-19 pandemic, and looks at how new technologies help humans into the future
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9th December 2020

UK funds new ventures to monitor Earth from ...

The UK government has announced that 21 projects from businesses, universities, and research organisations have been awarded a share of a £7 million funding tranche to help keep the UK at the forefront of space innovation post Brexit.
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1st December 2020

Self-driving cars will be safe, eco-friendly and keep ...

We catch up with Florian Friedl ahead of his session on the automotive lidar market at the upcoming Sensors & IoT Virtual World Week. Friedl is Group Leader for the automotive business at Hamamatsu Photonics Deutschland GmbH, a leader in the ...
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30th November 2020

How data from smart buildings supports health and ...

Michel Hepp, Cofounder & VP Global Sales at BehrTech, explains how extracting data from IoT networks is key to their success, ahead of his session at Sensors & IoT Virtual World Week