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17th May 2019

About face: San Francisco bans facial recognition

Chris Middleton reports on how sensors are at bay in the heart of Silicon Valley as one city takes a stand against facial recognition systems.
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26th April 2019

Bars on the network: Sensors track illegal prison ...

Chris Middleton reports on how the UK prison service is using sensors to track the illegal use of phones. Justice Secretary David Gauke has announced the installation of new mobile phone detection technology in UK prisons.
Automotive, Latest News, Sensors
18th April 2019

Critical to secure the IoT, says World Economic ...

Hot on the heels of news reports about Amazon employing thousands of staff to listen to Alexa voice recordings, the World Economic Forum has published its own view on the security risks of Internet of Things (IoT) devices.
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11th April 2019

Wayve claims sensors are unnecessary for autonomous driving

British AI and autonomous driving tech company Wayve has claimed that its algorithm is learning to drive like a human being – using just cameras and a satnav, rather than an onboard sensor suite and hand-coded rules.
Aerospace, Latest News, Robotics, Sensors
4th April 2019

Sensing opportunity: UK tech searching for life on ...

British sensors and other core technologies are critical parts of the European Space Agency’s ExoMars mission, which currently has a craft in orbit around Mars, with a rover due to land on the planet in two years’ time.
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4th April 2019

FiveAI trials autonomous cars in London

British artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous shared transport company FiveAI is testing autonomous cars in south London.