The UK Festival of Robotics 2022 returns on 18-24 June.

The week-long celebration of robotic technologies takes place online and at physical events, and is organised by the UK-RAS Network, the unit within the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) that focuses on promoting robotic technologies and autonomous systems.

The centrepiece of the week will be Robot Lab Live, a series of live online demos on 22 June from 4-6pm on the UK Robotics YouTube channel.

The free-to-access event will feature a dozen of the UK’s top robotics labs, and include:

Smart drones working together to achieve a task; subsea robots searching for underwater treasure in a remote inspection; fleets of intelligent robots assisting fruit pickers; social human-robot interaction and assistive technologies in a care environment; soft robots made from fabric; humans working alongside robots in manual tasks; snake robots assisting in jet engine maintenance; telepresence robots; and space robots performing skilled tasks in satellite repair, in-orbit docking, and assembling space mirrors.

EPSRC UK-RAS Network Chair Professor Robert Richardson said, “There really is no other event quite like it, taking people directly into the UK’s cutting-edge robotics research laboratories in such an immersive and immediate way.”

Source: Press release