Sensors & IIoT: Manufacturing + Automation + Robotics North America

Accelerating enterprise transformation and ROI through commercial applications of sensor technologies and IIoT for the industrial, automation and robotics sector


Transform Industry brings you the 3rd annual Sensors & IIoT: Manufacturing + Automation + Robotics North America,
where 40+ Innovation, Technology and Industry speakers will discuss intriguing case studies, explore emerging
projects and showcase current and future sensor and IIoT applications, technologies and solutions.


40+ speakers   |   500+ enterprises   |   30+ hours of content & networking

Key Topics and Themes

Digital Transformation

Smart Factory

AI & Machine Learning

Data Analytics

Industry 4.0 & IIoT

Robotics & Automation

Future Technology Applications

Industrial Innovation

Cutting edge thinking and perspectives from world class thought leaders

Unrivalled business and personal development benefits

At Sensors & IIoT: Manufacturing + Automation + Robotics North America, not only will you learn about Sensors and IIoT Technologies to incorporate into current projects, but you will establish unique ways to revamp products and expand your capabilities. In addition to personal and professional development, you can guide your organization and make your business smarter and more connected, by understanding how leading companies are utilizing and implementing IIoT and Sensor Solutions.


Business Benefits:

  • Optimize business processes
  • Reduce costs
  • Get ahead of the competition
  • Improve resourcing efficiencies
  • Streamline your production process
  • Turbo charge profitability
  • Build positive brand exposure
  • Increase operation capacity
  • Expand your business and customer portfolio

Personal Benefits:

  • Gain exposure to multiple industries successfully deploying IoT and sensing technologies
  • Expand your professional network through meetings and roundtable sessions~
  • Make better data-based decisions on vital business projects
  • Get direct access to world renowned enterprises and learn best practice through case studies and exclusive presentations
  • Source new suppliers and have productive conversations to how they can support your business
  • Benefit from a fully immersive virtual event experience with interactive event features, video meetings, chat and advanced networking capabilities and AI powered matchmaking

Attracting senior level decision makers from key sectors utilizing sensors & IoT

Industrial & Manufacturing



Retail & Wholesale

Machinery & Equipment


Engineering & Construction

Logistics & Warehousing

Attended by world renowned enterprises

Trusted and supported by globally recognised brands

The event was very interesting! Many of the presentations were quite insightful and provided a great way for me and many of my colleagues to expand our view on what’s happening in the sensor industry right now.

I would like to take the opportunity to express my congratulations on the event. The slickness of the transitions, the great content, and the perfect pace and timings really belies the tremendous coordination that must have gone on behind this. Truly, it’s the best online event I’ve been to in these forced remote times!

It was the first time I had been to a Transform Industry event, and I was very impressed. The breadth of speakers and topics was always interesting and I found many contacts who are worth approaching through LinkedIn for example. Very positive, a great event!

Very positive experience with a good selection of speakers and keynotes that left me inspired. Great event and looking forward to the next one!