Roger Delnoij, R&D Group Manager IoT Sensing at Signify participated in the Panel Discussion “Smart Sensors – Digitization of your Operations” alongside Jesus Flores Cerrilo, Associate Director of Linde Digital, on Tuesday, 8th December 2020 – the first day of the Industrial, Manufacturing & IoT – Virtual Sensor World Week.

Roger Delnoij graduated in electronics and started working for Philips 25 years ago on optical storage, and later e-books. He joined Philips Lighting in 2005, working on lighting controls and sensors. Within Lighting he became a sensing expert after working on many different products, systems and technologies and he holds several patents in this field.

Roger currently holds the position of Group Manager IoT sensing at Signify Research where he leads a team of scientists and engineers working on smart sensors for IoT applications.

Signify, formerly known as Philips Lighting, is the world leader in lighting. Our connected lighting offerings bring light and the data they collect to devices, places and people – redefining what light can do and how people use it.