Digital Innovation theatre

the Digital Innovation theatre will delve into themes around how to develop a workforce in the digital age, and the importance of implementing resilience for the future.

Exploring the hottest topics in Digital Innovation

The manufacturing industry is on the verge of a data-driven revolution. Data is crucial in creating end-to-end value chains, which improve productivity and drive an innovative customer journey.

Determine the best-practices for structuring your data at different levels of business size to maximise your operational efficiency. Discuss the pros and cons of a central ‘data lake’ versus a more segmented and compartmentalised approach.

Hear about the latest ways you can adapt your internal processes and supply chain logistics to reduce the impact on the wider environment and minimise your carbon footprint.

Learn how 5G connectivity can enhance your ability to connect devices and people within the manufacturing industry. Discuss the implications for faster speeds across your institutions and the technological potential for this.

Discover how to create a replica of your factory workspace for prototyping purposes, enhancing your ability to create prototypes in an environment that you know can be replicated across your operational hubs in different locations precisely.

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