Digital Transformation theatre

the digital transformation theatre will delve into themes around advanced manufacturing and innovations, showcasing thought leadership beyond Industry 5.0.

Exploring the latest trends in
digital transformation

In manufacturing, transforming and innovating your workplace leads to increased quality, improving production, design approaches and material usage.

Determine where you can gain the most leverage from automating your operations and discuss the pros and cons of utilising this automation within your company. Also, discover how you can best blend humans and automation to maximise the impact this will have on your business.

Hear about a best-practice case study for developing and using a digital twin to assess your operations holistically. Learn how you can develop and edit and digital twin quickly and effectively, providing you with an option to test-run potential changes in your operations and see the impact your latest transformation strategies will have before implementation.

With the next generation of manufacturing also comes the need for talented employees that can bring your operations into this new era. Hear about how you can upskill your existing employees to reduce your dependency on external hiring.

COVID-19 saw an immense disruption in supply chain across all industries. It continues to hold a prominent position of constant monitoring and improvement, with many manufacturers seeking creative ways and technological advancements to ensure reliability and retain value.

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Digital Innovation theatre