Manufacturing Digitalisation & Automation theatre

the digitalisation and automation theatre will look into practical case studies demonstrating how to upgrade your existing operations to enhance efficiency

Exploring the hottest topics in Manufacturing Automation

Learn how you can renovate and update your factories and supply chain logistics to bring your operations into the era of industry 5.0.

Discuss the progress made towards industries 4.0 & 5.0 in the UK. Highlight the areas in which benefits can be expected most from the latest adoption of AI and data innovation across the sector and align your strategies to match upcoming trends.

Discover the latest case studies in AI implementation across the manufacturing sector. Find out how you can enhance your operations through the adoption of new AI innovations.

Find out how rapid prototyping can transform your business and enhance productivity and implementation. Learn from previous use cases how you can create a copy of your development space to improve the speed at which you can test new strategies.

Create an interconnected operational framework within your factory’s technology. Learn from use cases on sensor adoption to maximise the effectiveness of your digital operations.

Learn what new 5G capabilities could mean for your business. Discover what a 5G closed network could bring to your operations and how you can benefit from increased speeds.

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Industrial Innovation and Transformation theatre