Main Stage theatre

the main theatre will look across manufacturing trends in the UK and abroad, highlighting key areas of progress in the sector for digital transformation.

Exploring the latest trends in
Advanced Digital Manufacturing

Discover the latest case studies pioneering innovation across a variety of manufacturing sectors, and review how UK-specific trends are affecting these industries.

Take a holistic look across the developments that have affected the manufacturing industry in the UK over the past year. Learn from key figures from innovative companies in the sector about the challenges they have faced and where they see potential hurdles in the near future for the region 

Ensure your manufacturing operations remain as efficient as possible by blending the latest innovations and technological developments with the human to touch to improve overall efficiency in your business. 

Re-evaluate your data structures in order to maximise the data potential of your business. Explore new ways to display and configure data, enhancing the insights received and ease at which new considerations can be implemented on the factory floor. 

Industrial Innovation and Transformation theatre
Manufacturing Digitalisation & Automation theatre