the digital transformation theatre

the digital transformation theatre will delve into themes around advanced manufacturing and innovations, showcasing thought leadership beyond Industry 4.0.

Exploring the latest trends in
digital transformation

In manufacturing, transforming and innovating your workplace leads to increased quality, improving production, design approaches and material usage.

There is a pressing need for manufacturers to leverage modern technology solutions to streamline processes. AI, edge, digital twins and VR are just a few examples of new trends that are steadily becoming more common in manufacturing practises. 

Industry 4.0 is simply the combination of manufacturing technology and IT to stimulate processes and optimize business. Whilst the sector continues to navigate industry 4.0, the fifth industrial revolution has begun…

A vast range of manufacturing industries across the US chose automation to improve quality, reduce costs, and boost productivity. Industrial facilities and factories integrate a range of robotics, automated tech and digital solutions to complete production tasks.  

Decision makers across the manufacturing sector are presented with the difficulty of assessing a wide range of options but selecting only one, based on a set of conflicting criteria. Implementing efficient manufacturing technology portfolios, high degrees of automation and low costs can be maintained.

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