industrial data + ai theatre

the industrial data + AI theatre will delve into themes around how to develop a workforce in the digital age, and the importance of implementing resilience for the future.

Exploring the hottest topics in industrial data + AI

The manufacturing industry is on the verge of a data-driven revolution. Data is crucial in creating end-to-end value chains, which improve productivity and drive an innovative customer journey.

The IoT makes it possible for manufacturers to increase efficiency and productivity whilst reducing costs. As a network of physical objects embedded with sensors for data exchange, the IoT enables the creation of new revenue streams and business models.

There are many risks and cyber threats in the manufacturing industry. Once a hacker has gained access to a secure network by embedding malware via IIoT connections, they can easily move throughout a system undetected and acquire any information to carry out an attack.

We have seen a rapid increase with augmenting industrial factories and connecting them with reliable networks. The emerging use of connected devices such as sensors, 5G and digital twins, open the door for widespread automation across operations.

The growing use of smart infrastructure across industry results in strong improvements with decision making. However, the implementation of these smart infrastructures to accurately distribute data within factories remains a challenge.

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