future manufacturing theatre

the digital manufacturing summit main stage will host over 150 manufacturing professionals, from across the Mid-West to discuss hot topics emerging throughout the industry.

Exploring the latest trends in
 future advancements

The future of manufacturing is digital, and is a necessity to solving complex production problems and improving business.

COVID-19 saw an immense disruption in supply chain across all industries. It continues to hold a prominent position of constant monitoring and improvement, with many manufacturers seeking creative ways and technological advancements to ensure reliability and retain value.

Now more than ever is a time for manufacturing leaders to promote team effort and stress how each individual’s skillset is linked to overall company success. A diverse workforce promotes a broader range of ideas, skills, and dynamic interactions.

Factories and manufacturing facilities are increasingly taking advantage of the communication between data analytics and machinery. After long reliance on automation, factories are now able to run on very little human intervention.

ESG (environmental, social, governance) issues are becoming an increasing concern for manufacturers – the importance of sustainable processes and pursuit of carbon-neutral practises are becoming more prominent.

Digital Transformation theatre
Industrial Data + AI theatre